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Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Main products: organic chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates, textile dyes and intermediates, food additives
Benomyl technical material
Phenethyl isocyanate
Diphenyl carbonate
p-phenylene diisocyanate
dimethylcarbamoyl chloride
Cyclohexyl isocyanate
Thiophanate-Methyl technical material
Buy cheap isocyanate n-butyl acetate 2014-08-20
Xuzhou chemical industry are faced with the problem 2014-08-20
Take an active part in the 11th China international exhibition of agricultural chemicals 2014-08-20
Xuzhou liqun chemical co., LTD. Main business 2014-08-20
Xuzhou liqun chemical co., LTD. - trustworthy enterprise 2014-08-20
Chlorine formate benzene ester - xuzhou liqun chemical co., LTD., best-selling products 2014-08-20
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