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    Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co.,Ltd.
    Main products: organic chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates, textile dyes and intermediates, food additives
    • 4-Nitrophenol
    • p-Cresol
    • Diphenyl carbon
    • Diethylcarbamyl
    • Benzyl Chlorofo
    • Methylcarbamoyl
    • Diphenylcarbamy
    • Benomyl
    • Benomyl technic
    • Phenethyl isocy
    • Pyrazole
    • p-phenylene dii
    • dimethylcarbamo
    • Cyclohexyl isoc
    • Hexazinoe
    • Thiophanate-Met...
    • Carbonochloridi...
    • Cyclopentyl chl
    • Methyl chlorofo
    • Chloromethyl ch
    • Ethyl chlorofor
    • isopropyl chlor...
    • Neodecanoyl chl
    • Acephate techni
    • isopropyl isocy

    Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with investment of RMB 5 million Yuan. Our company is professional in manufacturing of industrial chemicals. Our technical person has riche experience in manufacturing of organic chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. And we can solve problems in manufacturing process for our customers. Based on abundant fund and powerful production capacity, we can completely meet customer requirements...

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    Add: Gaotang Village, Shuangtang Town, Xinyi City, Jiangsu, China
    Contact:Manager Chen +86-18052280000
    •     Manager Xu +86-15062068000

    •Tel: +86-516-81629000 ;                       •Fax: +86-516-81623000
    •E-mail:sales@xzlqchem.com              • URL:www.aiffm.com

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